André W

Open hatch fully box, double skinned. 5.200 I-Box. Ice Class 1A Lakes / Grain / CO2 fitted

Table of contents

General Tank capacities
Main particulars Speed/consumption
Cargo capacities Fuel oil specification
Holds/hatches Engines
Electrical ventilaton


Call sign DIGI2
IMO number 9518232
Built 2010
Shipyard Peters, Scheepswerf
Classification Bureau Veritas
Class notations I + HULL + MACH General cargo ship -heavycargo (147kN/m2) -equipped for carriage of containers Unrestricted navigation +AUT-UMS, + MON-SHAFT, + ICE CLASS IA
Ice class Finnish /Swedish 1A
Port of registry Hamburg
Flag German

Main particulars

DWCC (summer) 4.850 ton
Length over all 99,99 m
Breadth over all 13,35 m
Draughts Summer: 6,150 m, Tropical: 0,000 m, Winter: 6,022 m
TPC SSW 12,2
Air draft (in Ballast) 26,5
Depth (moulded) 9,1
Distance WL-HC in ballast abt. 6,5 m
GT 3.739
NT 1.491

Cargo capacities

Total cubic feet capacity 234.000 ft3 grain/bale


1 Hold / 1 Hatch, both types are: Fully open hatch - no understow. Fully box and double skinned. Vessel is equipped with Coops & Nieborg pontoon hatchcovers.

Hold #1
Dimensions 61,8 x 11,2 x 9,6
Hatch 61,8 x 11,2

Coops & Nieborg Pontoon Hatches

Electrical ventilaton

Tank capacities

HFO 0 m3
MGO 366 m3
Water ballast capacity 1.909 m3
Fresh water 42 m3


11,7 knots - 8 mt/ day

These figures are about and based on 6,150 m draft, clean bottom, even keel, deep and currentless waters, calm sea and m ax wind force Beaufort 2 /Douglas 2 and maximum sea temperature 28/29 degrees Celsius, and shaft generator connected.

Consumption in port 0,5 mts/day

For manoeuvring and navigation in port / narrow water vessel burns MGO.

Fuel oil specification

MGO as per ISO 8217:2010 DMA. Within: ECA Area t/c operartion to be responsible for sulphur limit compliance.


Main engine Wärtsilä 9L20, 1800 kW at 1000 RPM
Reduction gear
Propeller 4 bladed, pitch propeller, BCP 850 single, Ø 2950 mm
Bow thruster 280 kW
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