Single-decker - MPP - Ice Class 1A. Open hatch, fully box and double skinned. Lakes/ Grain/ CO2 fitted.

Table of contents

General Tank capacities
Main particulars Speed/consumption
Cargo capacities Fuel oil specification
Holds/hatches Engines
Electrical ventilaton


Call sign P.I.B.U.
IMO number 9148180
Built 1998
Shipyard Scheepswerf Peters B.V.
Classification Lloyd's Register
Class notations 100 A1 General Cargo, Strengthened for heavy cargoes, Ice Class 1A at 5,786 m draught , LMC, Descr. Note: Equipped for the carriage for containers.
Ice class Finnish /Swedish 1A
Port of registry Delfzijl
Flag Dutch

Main particulars

DWCC (summer) 3.590 ton
Length over all 89,25 m
Breadth over all 13,3 m
Draughts Summer: 5,677 m, Tropical: 5,913 m, Winter: 5,559 m
TPC SSW 10,7
Air draft (in Ballast) 29
Depth (moulded) 7,15
Distance WL-HC in ballast abt. 6,5 m
GT 2.780
NT 1.587

Cargo capacities

Total cubic feet capacity 201.063 ft3 grain/bale


1 Hold / 1 Hatc, type is: fully box, open hatch, double skinned. Vessel is equipped with 1 strongbeam, height below str ongbeam abt. 4,16 m

Hold #1
Dimensions 62,4 x 11,16 x 8,62
Hatch 62,4 x 11,16

Coops & Nieborg Pontoon Hatches

Electrical ventilaton

Hold ventilation abt. 6 air changes per hour basis empty hold. Vessel is not fitted with dehumidifier system.

Tank capacities

HFO 295 m3
MGO 0 m3
Water ballast capacity 1.600 m3
Fresh water 40 m3


80% 11,5 knots - 6,5 tons 100% 12,5 knots - 8,5 tons

These figures are about and based on 5,795 m draft, clean bottom, even keel, deep and currentless water, calm sea and ma x wind force Beaufort 2/ Douglas 2 and maximum sea temperature 28/29 degrees Celcius and shaft generator connected.

Consumpion in port 0,5 mt MGO/day

Fuel oil specification

MGO as per ISO 8217:2010 DMA. Within: ECA Area t/c operation to be responsible for sulphur limit compliance.


Main engine MaK 6M25, 1800 kW at 750 RPM
Reduction gear
Propeller controllable pitch propeller - flap rudder
Bow thruster 240 kW
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