Wagenborg Foxdrill was asked by her customer Itag Tiefbohr to move their drilling installation Itag RIG 30. First moving the 275 tons on-box drilling rig seemed to be pretty 'standard'. The RIG 30 had to be moved from Visbek to Goldenstedt (Germany), an existing drilling location where natural gas is being produced.

During the rig move preparations a H2S pipe was noticed on the drilling location. It was not possible to shut off this pipe and therefor remained under pressure. Due to the risk of this H2S pipe, our customer requested a solution to minimize the chance of possible damages to this pipe.

Our solution was relatively simple. With a detailed risk analysis a large number of measurements was suggested. One of these was choosing a mobile crane with a larger capacity. Together with our engineering department a 500 tons mobile crane configured with super lift counterweight and jib was selected to do the job. For this choice a number of hoisting plans and calculations were needed to explain this practical solution in a theoretical way.

After approval of these plans by our customer, the disassembly could begin followed by the transport (91 truckloads) and assembly. After only five days the rig was operational after which the drilling process could start again.

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