Wagenborg continues to expand its portfolio of companies, which includes the “Schuitenvaardersvereniging” or "Bargemens' Society", which is taken over in 1930. The company Schuitenvaarders is the latest manifestation of the centuries-old boat service between Delfzijl and Groningen. In its oldest form it was a towing barge, known in the Groningen dialect as a “snikke” or “snik”. In fact, the towing cable of the Delfzijl-Groningen towing barge service dates from 1653!  The most famous boat of the Schuitenvaarders is the "Koningin Wilhelmina", which entered history with the nickname "Bruintje Beer" (Brown Bear). These towing barges were used for a variety of cargoes: medicines, rivets and anchors but also livestock destined for the slaughterhouses. The bell from this historic service is now mounted in the hall of the Wagenborg head office in Delfzijl.  The emergence of other forms of passenger and freight transport eventually leads to a decline in the use of boat transport and the ship is sold-off around 1960.

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