As part of the "Room for the River - IJssel Delta" project, the collision protection barrier near the town bridge in Kampen is being strengthened. To this end, five protection caissons are being installed, the first sections of which were successfully installed by Wagenborg Towage recently.

Wagenborg used its 300-tonne floating sheerleg crane, Triton, to load the five protection caissons, weighing a total of 275 tonnes, on to the Wagenborg Barge 3 and Wagenborg Barge 6 pontoons at the prefabrication site. They were then towed to the town bridge by the tugs Waterpoort and Waterlelie.  The initial intention was to install one protection caisson under water per day for a whole week. However, thanks to Wagenborg's expertise, the last protection caisson was already installed halfway through the week.

Wagenborg is set to complete the project by mid-June, with the installation of the superstructure. 

Pictures: Chantal van den Berg

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