In the port of Rotterdam Maasvlakte, construction of a new deep-sea quay has started on behalf of a new built tank storage terminal. For the foundation of the quayside, so-called MV-piles are used, ultra-heavy foundation beams which can absorb tensile forces of more than 900 tons. A special MV-piling rig has been developed for the installation of the MV-piles. The MV-piling rig slowly moves along a prepared track. With a weight of 253 tons and a 70 meters leader mast, this machine is a real giant. Therefore, relocation to a new working track was easier said than done, although the distance was only 110 centimeter. Wagenborg SPMTs, Self-Propelled Modular Trailers, appeared to be the solution for this mini-move.

A suitable transport configuration was set up by placing 12 axle lines of SPMTs under the heaviest part of the MV piling rig and 6 axle lines of SPMTs under the lighter part. The transport combination was equipped with two Power Pack Units. Using trailer hydraulics, the piling giant was lifted up a bit. Now, the journey of 110 centimeters could start. Upon arrival at the new piling track, the SPMT axles turned 90 degrees in order to realize a side movement. In close communication with his colleague-specialist, Wagenborg Nedlifts operator carefully maneuvered the MV piling rig above the new track. Using trailer hydraulics, the giant was lowered onto its new position, ready for piling a new range of MV piles.  

A real small piece of craftsmanship!

An extensive report including pictures can be read in edition 3 of Trucks Magazine:


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