End of November 2016, Wagenborg took care of the transport and foundation setting of the new Ooievaarsbridge in the city centre of Schiedam, the Netherlands. An extraordinary job because of the vertical transport position during water transport!

After finishing the necessary engineering and calculation on stability during water transport, Wagenborg’s 200 tons mobile crane loaded the 55 tons weighing bridge part into the inland water vessel. A special support construction for the water transport was designed and built by Constructiebedrijf Hillebrand, also fabricator of the bridge part.

A large crowd witnessed the arrival of the new bridge through the narrow canals of Schiedam city centre. An extraordinary view, an 11 meter high bridge deck sailing in vertical position! Thanks to the captains craftsmanship, who already acquired some experience with the project Proveniersbridge a few years ago, the special cargo arrived right on schedule at the project location.

A 400 tons mobile crane from Wagenborg was already positioned on the quayside to unload the bridge part and position it on the abutment piers.

Previously, in July 2015, Wagenborg Nedlift already transported a bridge part in vertical position. For this performance, Wagenborg received an ESTA Award in 2016.

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