Wagenborg positioned the new steam turbine-generator set at the waste-to-energy plant in Moerdijk (the Netherlands). Wagenborg also transported the set to the plant. The new steam turbine-generator can generate a power output up to 123-MW.

Mid-October, 2016, Wagenborg transported the sections of the new set and started all the preparations on site. On Wednesday night, October 19th, 2016, the turbine and generator, both weighing approximately 160 tonnes, were delivered on site. Wagenborg deployed a 400 tonnes and 500 tonnes mobile telescopic crane to lift both sections up to a 14 meter high platform. The same day, the turbine was positioned onto its foundation using an advanced hydraulic lifting gantry. On Friday, 20th October, Wagenborg also placed the generator onto foundation using a lifting gantry. 

One week later, the condenser, weighing 98 tonnes, was lifted and skidded inside by skidding equipment. As soon as the condenser was transferred inside, Wagenborg craftsmen carefully jacked down the condenser onto its foundation.

Since 1997, the waste-to-energy plant in Moerdijk produces renewable energy. The new steam turbine-generator set in Moerdijk will contribute to the supply of renewable energy. The building operations will continue until the end of 2017.

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