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Sometimes referred to as our icon, logo or emblem, the Flag is the key symbol of the Wagenborg Brand, and our most recognised symbol. It is an asset with enormous value, and a key enabler of successful business through our customers, business partners, contractors and staff. It has been at the core of our branding for over 100 years, developing from the original flag and chimney of one of the first vessels to today’s universally recognised symbol.

Primary logo use

The Wagenborg logo should always be used in the form presented here. For light/pale colour photography use the Wagenborg Black version, for darker color photography, the logotype should be used in white.

Colour: Pantone Red 032C

Logo type free space

Always respect the minimum free space surrounding the logotype, separating it from other graphic elements. The free space always equals half the height of the Wagenborg logotype. When creating layouts always aim to surround the logotype with ample space, significantly more than the minimum free space.


Wagenborg logo - PNG version

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Wagenborg Flag- PNG version

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