On March 31st, Liberté once again greeted the waters of her home port Delfzijl. In 1908, this tjalk was built at the yard Niestern and Co. in Farmsum, commissioned by Egbert Wagenborg. The description was: “steel-iron deck tjalk without a deck-house”. This tjalk was built as a sea-going vessel of 100 tons with a length of 21.25 meters and width of 4.55 meters. With captain Engelsman at the helm she started trading on August 2nd. About 75 years ago the tjalk was converted into a houseboat, the last decades she was part of the “brown fleet” operating from Muiden.

Egbert Wagenborg’s great-grand sons, Egbert Vuursteen and Rob Wagenborg, both in charge of Royal Wagenborg, managed to preserve this vessel owned by their great-grand father.

The last thirty years Willem Grift, who passed away at the beginning of this year, was the owner of the tjalk. He made sure that the vessel kept her historical appearance.

The Liberté will be displayed in the head-office in Delfzijl, in the arsenal, the last remaining part  of the old stronghold dating back to 1591. Due to the extension of the head-office, the arsenal will become part of  the new office.

A hundred year old tjalk is brought back to Delfzijl by Wagenborg.A hundred year old tjalk is brought back to Delfzijl by Wagenborg.

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