After a long journey the Armanborg has reached her final place of delivery: Bautino, Kazakhstan.
The Armanborg departed from Delfzijl 10 October, with on tow Wagenborg Barge 1, which she delivered at the roads in Gdansk. Upon a quick visit at a dock in Gdynia, Poland she proceeded to Kotka, Finland. Armanborg

Russian regulations require towage through their inland waters by a Russian tug, subsequently Armanborg was handed over to the Russian tug Uran the 25th of October. From Kotka the convoy proceeded to St. Petersburg for towage to the Caspian Sea via the “Northern passage” from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan.

The total length of the journey from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan is approx. 3630 km. During the inland passage the convoy had to pass 14 locks, 36 bridges and 11 Overhead High Voltage Electrical Lines. these objects are all restricting the size of vessels allowed to pass through the inland waterway.
The Northern route is open for traffic from mid May - end May to end October - mid November.Armanborg stern
The Armanborg arrived in Bautino the 27th of November and is currently being prepared to start winter operations for AgipKCO in the Northern Caspian Sea.

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