The brand new JV Bahwan:Wagenborg, operating from Muscat, Oman, recently carried out her first job. Two modules, each 40 tons, with dimensions up to 6 meters high, were transported from the port of Sohar up to the site of new built Qarn Alam Power station, a distance of more than 350 km crossing rough mountains and desert landscape. No problem for the Bahwan:Wagenborg operating crew, who was well trained in the Netherlands during summer 2009. They combine Dutch heavy transport expertise with many years of working experience in Oman and other Middle East countries. Working with fine MAN and Scheuerle heavy transport equipment, Bahwan:Wagenborg introduces a high quality standard in heavy transport services in the area.


After a smooth trip of only two nights, the convoy arrived right on time at the Qarn Alam site, where contractors’ cranes took care of offloading the items. A fine first performance for the new company and a satisfied customer as a result!



BW Quarn Alam 01


BW Quarn Alam


BW Quarn Alam 03


















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