This vessel, launched on May 13th is the third vessel in a series of four built by Koninklijke Niestern Sander B.V. The first one, Lauwersborg, was delivered September 26th 2007 and the second one, Lingeborg, was delivered April 25th last. Laganborg (yardnumber 837) will follow end of this year.

General information:

Ice class 1A, 7350 ton
LOA: 122,10 meter
Width: 14,40
Hold: 8,10 meter
Draught: 6,50 meter
GT: 4700 ton
Main engine: 2970 kW MAK 9M25C
Speed: 13 knots

With Captain Erik Rosner in command the vessel left home-port Delfzijl for Harlingen the day after delivery to take in 5019 ton salt for Mäntyluoto.


Delivery LoireborgDelivery LoireborgDelivery LoireborgDelivery Loireborg

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