The Tennet substation located in Ens, Netherlands has been expanded with one big transformer. Wagenborg Nedlift transported the 320 tons giant transformer from the fabrication yard in Nijmegen up to the foundation in Ens. The substation is extended due to increasing demand for electricity.

During several nights, Wagenborg Nedlift’s crew was busy to execute this extraordinary transport. Right through the inner city of Nijmegen, a railway passage was done. For this operation, the railway was blocked for a short time. Then the transport headed for quayside, were transhipment onto barge took place. Via inland water, the transformer reached the quay near site Ens. For the last 8,5 kilometers, highway N50 was used. The highway was closed for a while for other traffic during night hours. After this passage, the convoy headed for its final destination without any obstacles. Upon arrival at site, the transformer was installed on its foundation.


The complete transport project was prepared, engineered and executed within only 3 weeks. A fine piece of work from the Nedlift project team!













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