The vessel was named Cathy Jo by Cathy and Jo, respectively daughter and wife of the Irish captain-owner John McEvoy.

The Cathy Jo is the sixteenth in a series of seventeen 1A ice-strengthened, 6000 ton multi purpose vessels build by Ferus Smit for Wagenborg Shipping B.V. and affiliated captain owners.

General information:

LOA: 110,78 meters
Width: 14,00 meters
Hold: 8,13
GT: 3990
DWAT: 6000
Cargo capacity: 285.000 cbft
Container capacity: 242 TEU of which 138 on deck
Main engine: 2640 kW MAK 8M25
Speed: 14 knots.

The Cathy Jo will be delivered end of June.


Launching Cathy JoLaunching Cathy JoLaunching Cathy Jo

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