Power train to Lünen


Trianel KW Lünen in Germany is a new 750 MW coalfired power plant which is now under construction. Wagenborg Nedlift takes care of the logistics for the most precious equipment in the new facility: the power train (turbine, generator, transformer and related equipment). During the past months, several major components were transported from various fabrication yards to the Lünen site already, such as condenser parts up to 180 tons per piece and turbine equipment up to 220 tons per piece. Wagenborg Nedlift has taken care of full logistic services here: transshipment at port of Rotterdam, inland water transport, transshipment at quayside Lünen, transport to the site and installation onto foundation inside the powerplant building. A fine piece of factory to foundation logistic services!


During the next coming months, some more ultra heavy items will be moved to the Lünen site by Wagenborg: a transformer of 436 tons from Neurenberg and a 462 tons generator from Mülheim.


The Lünen powerplant is expected to be operational in 2012.


KW Lünen

Positioning inside plant building


skidding opereration inside plant building

Skidding operation inside plant building


KW Lünen

Transhipment operation

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