In Oxelösund, Sweden, Royal Wagenborg successfully carried out some roro work. A few weeks before this operation, mobile crane CC2500 owned by Wagenborg Nedlift, lifted a so called ‘Kokerei Maschine’ weighing 215 tons, into an inland barge. This part of a “cokes-oven” will be brought into production by Swedish steel plant SSAB.



 In Rotterdam, assisted by a floating heavy lift crane, the load was placed onto a seegoing barge. After securing, the barge continued her trip to Oxelösund. Through SPMT’s the colossus (19,5 x 14 x 12 metres) was roro-ed of the barge and unloaded, another 200 metres further down, under the crane.



 The engineering of this project was done by Wagenborg Towage including the loading- and ballast plans. 


Pictures made by Arjan Bossers en Wouter Siemerink





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