Wagenborg Barge 7, recently taken into service, undertook her second trip, after discharging hulls from China in Rotterdam last August (video1 en video2)



Two parts of so called ship-unloaders (l x w x h: 35 x 3 0 x 38 meter, each weighing 700 ton) were placed on the barge destined for Hamburg where an energy-plant is constructed.



With the tug Englishman towing the barge, assisted by the tug Waterman (bp 32,2 tons), Wagenborg Barge 7 left Stettin on September 2nd.



Equipped with a pump-system, Wagenborg Barge 7 was built in Nanjing and has a carrying capacity of 13.000 ton and measures 100 x 33 x 7,60 meters. It is the third barge Veka Shipyards B.V., Werkendam has delivered to Wagenborg Towage. An identical barge, Wagenborg Barge 8, currently under construction in Nanjing, will be delivered in 2011.




photos Marc Mazereeuw

translation Josien Winter





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