Wagenborg Crew Management recognizes its responsibility towards people, planet and providing high quality services. With ‘people’ we mean everyone involved in our activities: own and hired employees, clients, JV partners, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties concerned. With ‘planet’ we mean our share in the responsible use of nature and its resources.

We do not make any concessions in these areas:

In the general everyday operations of Wagenborg Crew Management, consistent attention paid to health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) is self-evident and visible. We meet at least the industry standards in our various sectors and the applicable rules and procedures. A univocal, recognizable reputation in the field of HSEQ will have a positive effect on the whole organization.

To realize good HSEQ achievements, but also to guarantee continuity and profitability and doing this in accordance with rules and procedures, Wagenborg Crew Management undertakes to keep to the following objectives:

  • Long-term employability: aiming for 0 accidents, increasing safety awareness and preventing injury and absence
  • Being a good employer: realizing and preserving a reputation as a good employer
  • Risk-sensitive: recognizing, acknowledging and minimalizing risks at the source
  • Environmentally aware: minimizing our impact on the environment and preventing environmental damage
  • Excellent (chain) partner: meeting the requirements, wishes and expectations of our clients, JV partners and subcontractors
  • Position as leader: continuously improving the quality of our operational management and service

Each employee has his or her own specific responsibility when executing his or her tasks. In addition, all employees have the right to start or stop activities within rules and procedures when, in fairness, there is the impression that these cannot be carried out in accordance with industrial safety, safety and environmental requirements and have the duty to directly report this to their supervisor.

In all our divisions we do this by:

  • using qualified people for the execution of our activities;
  • using a certified HSEQ Management System
  • setting objectives that are regularly measured, valued and adjusted where necessary;
  • always providing the suitable protective working means and training to protect people, material and the environment as much as possible;
  • removing and/or minimizing the risks of our activities so our employees and other parties concerned are exposed to industrial dangers as little as possible;
  • continuously looking for working methods and/or auxiliaries with as little environmental impact as possible;
  • communicating openly about our achievements in the field of HSEQ;
  • creating a culture in which our employees and all other parties concerned dedicate themselves to achieving the objectives in the area of HSEQ.
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