Wagenborg Offshore is an international offshore specialist and we offer total logistic solutions worldwide. They have years of maritime experience and internationally acquired knowledge in the area of oil and gas related transport disciplines. Wagenborg Offshore can answer your transport issue.

Wagenborg Offshore is a specialist in shallow water and has been operating in the Caspian Sea for many years with vessels that were built for the special conditions in that area. We build on many years of experience in ice navigation in the Baltic and Scandinavian waters and sailing with the Wagenborg ferries in the shallow Wadden Sea.

We have committed professionals who carry out your complex logistics projects in the oil and the gas industry expertly and carefully. In Kazakhstan, Wagenborg Offshore founded an institute where we train our own personnel from the local population with local knowledge, commitment, and passion for the profession.

Wagenborg Offshore has equipment that complies with the highest quality standards and is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Wagenborg Offshore uses integrated and independently tested management systems in order to achieve the objective of its clients and the organisation itself.

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