"Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC admits that use of alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances and their analogues is a hindrance to the effective employees work, and it also has extremely negative impact on the safety and health of employees, work and productivity of other employees and the Company as a whole.

The company is committed to provide safety, health and possibility of productive work to each employee.

It is necessary to be constantly aware of the potential seriousness and danger of impact of alcohol and drug use incidents.

The policy is applicable to employees of the Company, employees or representatives of the Contractor and the Customer, job candidates and guests.

In the territory (or facilities) of the Company or the Customer, including the path to and from the work place, transportation vehicles and production facilities of the Company, as well as any travel, it is strictly PROHIBITED for employees to carry, store, transport, sell and distribute alcohol, drugs and psychoactive substances or their analogues, as also use alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants, be in alcohol or drug intoxication.

The Company employees can use medications prescribed by doctor or non-prescribed ones, in therapeutic doses, until this medication does not reduce working capacity and movement safety, provided that the immediate supervisor is informed of this.

Policy Execution at Local Level:

  • Introduction of the Alcohol and Drugs Policy to newly accepted and operating employees.
  • Support for employees having suspected problems with alcohol or drugs, in seeking help to solve this problem.
  • Assistance to employees in finding professional help if necessary.

The Company reserves the right to require an applicant to undergo a pre-employment medical examination, on the basis of local legislation, as well as at any time during the employee’s (or candidate’s) work, for alcohol or drug abuse and the fact of alcohol, drugs and psychoactive substances or their analogues use.

In the performance of the job duties each employee of the Company shall be personally responsible for compliance with the requirements set forth herein. 

Failure to comply with this Policy, prohibited substances detection in the body by results of a medical examination or refusal to undergo a medical examination give occasion to disciplinary, administrative and other actions, including dismissal.

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