Environmental care is an integral part of "Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC corporate values. We constantly improve our products, processes and working conditions for people in terms of environmental protection. Thus, we contribute to a better environment both for our customers and for society as a whole.

Guiding principles of our activities to protect the environment:

  • Proactive work;
  • Complex approach;
  • Improvement of products, solutions and services;
  • Information and education.

Proactive Work

  • We realize explicit and implicit problems, use the knowledge of professionals and move purposefully in the field of solutions and technologies for environmental protection.
  • Our products and solutions are compliant with legally established industry regulations and standards.

Complex Approach

  • Environmental issues are taken into account in decision-making process of our Company. 
  • We seek to use natural resources rationally and as far as possible prefer to use the materials suitable for recycling. 
  • We avoid products and activities that can have a negative impact on the environment.

Improvement of products, solutions and services

  • We constantly improve our products and services, striving to achieve the lowest negative impact on the environment.
  • We consider the whole life cycle of products and services from raw materials and production to exploitation, disposal and recycling.

Information and education

  • We develop environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to participate in environmental protection through education and information programs. 
  • "Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC discusses environmental issues openly and objectively.
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