The Company admits the primacy of employees lives and health in relation towards results of production activities, the prerogative of careful treatment and preservation of the environment, and thus strives to ensure the stable operation of the Company, taking into account acceptable risks.

The Company long-term objectives include:

  • Absence of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Absence of production accidents.
  • Reduction of negative impact on the environment.
  • Finding ways for any improvement possible.

To achieve these objectives, the Company undertakes following obligations:

  • To lower successively a negative impact on the environment by taking timely measures to prevent pollution and responding effectively to emergencies in all operation areas
  • To plan and implement production activities with minimal risk to the health of employees.
  • To comply with the requirements of the current legislation, standards, rules and regulations of the Russian Federation in the field of industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection.
  • To continuously improve activities in the field of environmental and occupational safety through the application of modern methods of work techniques and technologies, to improve management, training and motivating systems.
  • To meet where applicable all customer requirements in the field of environmental and occupational safety.
  • To make demand on Contractors of their compliance with requirements of this Policy and the Company's decisions in the field of occupational and environment safety with constant monitoring of their implementation.
  • To take into account interests of the employees, the public and other external interested parties, related to health and environmental preservation.
  • To follow the Policy openly and to comply with its requirements.

The Company management will demonstrate its commitment to these principles and demand their strict observance from the Company's personnel and from organizations working for or on behalf of the Company.

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