“Wagenborg Oilfield Services” Limited Liability Company is a dynamically developing company on oil producing organizations maintenance. The main lines of action of the Company are:

  • modern high-technology oilfield equipment rental and maintainance;
  • oilfield equipment inspection and repair;
  • oilfield equipment and tools manufacture and supply at the request of oil producing organizations.

Working in the service sector, we clearly understand that our commercial success largely depends on the quality of our services and products supplied by our Company.

The objective of "Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC is to provide consumers with oil production equipment and tools meeting requirements of national and/or international standards, legal and other mandatory requirements for our production.

Product and service quality of "Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC, our competitiveness and elimination of risks for a customer is provided on the basis of effective quality management system, a process-based and responsive to the principles and requirements of ISO 9000.

"Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC managers are leaders in business activities and management processes.

Every employee, from the General Director to a worker, is responsible for quality of their work which may influence the final product compliance with requirements, with efficient use of all resources.

Constant improvement of activity is our way of thinking, care of our leaders and the need of each employee.

Everyone’s objective is prevention of deviations from the established requirements and assigned processes improvement.

A reliable supplier is a guarantee of purchased components and materials quality. Our relationships with suppliers are based on principles of mutual benefit and improvement of their quality management systems to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international standard and API Spec. Q1.

Competence of each employee is a necessary condition for quality of services, supply of the relevant products and improvement of the Company activities. The Company motivates employees for continuing professional development.

“Wagenborg Oilfield Services " LLC employees undertake to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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