Our Company offers Logan Oil Tools 120 ton Arctic Power Swivels rentals. These Swivels are built in the USA (Houston) specially for arctic weather conditions.

All the swivel parts and units are placed in a container carrier serving as a mini- workshop. The container has a heating system and control panel can be placed outside for convenience. Power swivels are widely used for casing exits, sidetracking, downhole fishing, workover operations, and other jobs worldwide. Their light weight and maneuverability are perfect for both simple and average works. Along with power swivels we provide engineering support. Swivel operations maintenance man guarantees failure-free service of the machines. 

Technical specifications
Max Torque 1120 kg/m
Max Velocity 15 rpm
Static Load Capacity 120 tn
Dynamic Load Capacity 051 100 rpm: 65 tn и до 1120 kg/m
Water Passage ID 57 mm
Output Shaft Thread PIN (NC38) З-102
Swivel Sub BOX and PIN (NC38) З-102
Threaded Joint Tubing Thread 76 mm
Neck Joint 63,6 mm NPT x QRC
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