MCR Oil Tools patented Radial Cutting Torch is used for tubing joint, casing, drill pipe cutting and coiled tubing without the use of explosives and other hazardous substances. We use advanced technologies: unique nozzles and powder metal mixture together produce heavy plasma charge able to cut almost any pipe, regardless of the conditions of well. The additional advantage of MCR torches is their mobility and safety to ease the task of delivering the torch to the place of work and save time and money.

Operation Principle

Torch layout runs into the hole until the desired depth, the thermostat ignites and activates the main charge; plasma is shed, increasing the internal pressure. When the torch pressure exceeds the downhole pressure, nozzle protection sleeve slides open to reveal a plasma output.

Plasma goes through the nozzle and cuts the pipe. In general, cutting process is comparable with the work of an acetylene torch. Another distinct advantages is applicability: MCR torches and  punching tools allow pipe cutting at all downhole operation stages at temperatures up to 260 ° C and pressure up to 137.9 MPa. 

RCTs are available for:  

  • standard application; 
  • conditions of the limitations on the outer diameter; 
  • conditions of high temperature and pressure; 
  • cutting the casing up to 9-5/8”; 
  • complex situations.

Cuts made with RCT

5” TUBING, 13% Chrome | 3-1/2” Tubing, Hastaloy | 4” Tubing
5” TUBING, 13% Chrome | 3-1/2” Tubing, Hastaloy | 4” Tubing
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