"Wagenborg Oilfield Services” carries out works on repair and manufacture of drilling equipment:

  • Repair and thread connection cutting: API, GOST, and many others, including Internal Flush, Full Hole, American Open Hole, Regular, External Flush, EUE, NUE, ACME, STUB ACME, etc.;

  • 4145H MOD Steel Subs manufacturing in accordance with API Spec. 7-1, 7-2, API 5B and GOST  standards;

  • Nonstandard equipment manufacturing.

Lathe works are carried out on hydro-copying machines and on CNC ones. All machines produced in 2011. CNC machine spindle bore is 10 1/4 "(260mm), hydro-copying machine bore - 12" (304.8mm).

On any multifunctional machine it is almost impossible to thread with speed and quality of automated CNC machines. For example, type Z-133 (NC50) shall be cut in ~ 7 minutes with spindle rotational speed of 400 rev / min. Thus, the output tool has minimal roughness parameters with extremely accurate geometric data.

All metalworking tools are purchased from foreign suppliers including Sandvik, Vargus, Iscar, Waverley Cutting Tools, etc. That guarantees excellent quality with the advanced technology of metalworking.

All products undergo outgoing inspection, in particular, visual and dimensional inspection, and magnetic powder inspection. All threads undergo the copper plating procedure and can be covered with threaded compound according to customer requirements (Z-50, Z-50 Arctic Grade, KOPR KOTE Arctic Grade, etc.).

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