When the stabilizer is worn to impermissible diameter, its diameter may be restored to the desired size by stabilizer redress service provided by "Wagenborg Oilfield Services".

Welding and soldering equipment used by the Company toredress stabilizers, allows all types of welding and soldering, as well as modifying and repairing of drilling tools and oil equipment.

A variation of wear-resistant coating appliance methods is based on:

  • Diversity of tungsten carbide
  • Hardness of the material and content of the maximum amount of carbide

Types of wear-resistant coatings on stabilizer blades: 

  • HF1000 – crushed tungsten carbide
  • HF2000 – tapered tungsten carbide
  • HF3000 – tungsten carbide plates

"Wagenborg Oilfield Services" offers redress services for stabilizer of diameter up to 18 inches.

We conduct quality control at all stages of stabilizer redress.

Plate facing methods were developed to suit the chemical composition of the material and to provide protection from damage during stabilizers redress.

Tool body temperature control is provided on the stage of preliminary heating, and as well during the redress process.

All information received in the course of facing and redress is recorded in the stabilizer redress chart of “Wagenborg Oilfield Services“.

All stabilizers:

  • 100% subject to precise measurements
  • 100% subject to CPM or UT at all critical tool sections. 
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