Openhatch fully box/ double skinned ice class 1A geared, tween-decker convertible into single-decker Lakes / Grain / CO2 fitted.

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General Cargo cranes
Main particulars Tank capacities
Cargo capacities Speed/consumption
Holds/hatches Fuel oil specification
Electrical ventilaton Engines
Tween decks


Call sign P.H.H.D.
IMO number 9333539
Built 2006
Shipyard Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Co. Ltd.
Classification Lloyd's Register
Class notations +100A1 Strengthened for Heavy Cargoes and Holds may be empty, Container Cargoes in all Holds and on Upper Deck and on all Hatch Covers, *IWS LI, ICE CLASS 1A FS at a draught fo 9,895m , LMC, UMS, NAV1
Ice class Finnish /Swedish 1A
Port of registry Delfzijl
Flag Dutch

Main particulars

DWCC (summer) 15.750 ton
Length over all 143,00 m
Breadth over all 21,5 m
Draughts Summer: 9,690 m, Tropical: 9,909 m, Winter: 9,505 m
TPC SSW 27,9
Air draft (in Ballast) 35,4
Depth (moulded) 13,3
Distance WL-HC in ballast abt. 10,5 m
GT 11.864
NT 5.650

Cargo capacities

Total cubic feet capacity 707.633 ft3 grain/bale


2 Holds / 2 Hatches - Both types are: Fully openhatch - no understow / fully box and double skinned. Fully square - exce pt box structures due to vessel's outer shape. Vessel is equipped with MacGregor navire hydraulic steel pontoon hatches.

Hold #1
Dimensions 35,8 x 17,75 x 13,5
Hatch 35,8 x 17,75
Hold #2
Dimensions 52,1 x 17,75 x 13,5
Hatch 52,1 x 17,75

MacGregor navire hydraulic steel pontoon hatches

Electrical ventilaton

12 air changes per hour basis empty holds Both holds fitted with dehumidifier system.

Tween decks

The vessel is equipped with a full tweendeck, consisting of loose tweendeck pontoons of each:

Tweendeck sizes: No. 1 9,90m x 3,22m x 0,90m weight abt. 6 tons No. 2 + 3 12,57m x 6,48m x 0,90m weight abt. 25 tons No. 4 - 14 17,65m x 6,48m x 0,90m weight abt. 33 tons

Tweendecks can be used as vertical bulkheads at every 20ft interval.

Strengths: Uniform TEU / FEU Max pressure tanktop 20,00 mt/sqm ----- Max pressure tweendeck 4,00 mt/sqm ----- Max pressure weatherdeck 1,75 mt/sqm 50 / 60 mt

Cargo cranes

3 cranes fixed on portside - each with a capacity of 60 mts at a reach of upto 16m. or capacty of 40 mts at a reach of upto 28m.

The cranes can be combined to up to 120 mts but not the entire holds/ hatches can be served with this maximum lifting ca pacity. Free distance between the cranes is 31 meters. Vessel fitted with lifting beam (weight about 10 tons)

Hoisting speed 60 mts SWL 40 mts SWL Reeving 3 - fall 2 - fall SWL 0 - 14 m per min. 0 - 22 m per min. Empty hook 0 - 23 m per min. 0 - 35 m per min.

Tank capacities

HFO 1.448 m3
MGO 218 m3
Water ballast capacity 5.490 m3
Fresh water 280 m3


14,0 knots - 20 mts/day 14,5 knots - 22 mts/day 15,0 knots - 25 mts/day 15,5 knots - 29 mts/day

These figures are about and based on 7,60 m draft, clean bottom, even keel, deep and currentless water, calm sea and max wind force Beaufort 2 / Douglas 2 and maximum sea temperature 28 /29 degrees Celsius, and shaft generator connected.

Consumption in port Gear working 3,0 mts MGO Idle 1,4 mts MGO

For manoeuvring and navigation in port / narrow water and during slow steaming at sea vessel burns MGO

Fuel oil specification

HFO as per ISO 8217:2010 RMG 380. MGO as per ISO 8217:2010 DMA. Within: ECA Area t/c operartion to be responsible for sulphur limit compliance.


Main engine Wärtsilä 8L46B, 7800 kW at 500 RPM
Reduction gear Flender, CUCP 1120
Propeller Wärtsilä propulsion,4 blades, 4800mm
Bow thruster 750 kW
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