From a simple hoisting job with 1 hydraulic crane to a complicated hoisting project with a range of equipment - Wagenborg guarantees to offer you the flexibility and choice in vertical transport you are looking for.

Network of Branch Offices

With our network of branch offices we offer you an optimum availability of equipment, short travelling times, and flexibility in planning. This means you can be sure that we will carry out your hoisting work competently and efficiently.

Diverse and modern equipment

Wagenborg Nedlift has a modern and diverse crane park with more than 150 units. We have the right crane for every job. All our material is tested annually and kept in excellent condition. We also have a comprehensive stock of certified hoisting equipment and auxiliary equipment. This means the safe and reliable progress of your works is guaranteed.

Competence and experience

Good equipment alone does not guarantee a good job. The people that use the equipment turn your project into a success. Wagenborg's employees are highly trained and have the right qualifications. Above all, they are experienced and committed people who think on their feet. Our operational employees are supported by expert work planners and experienced engineers. Together they ensure a safe and efficient implementation of your work.

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