Wagenborg Foxdrill offers complete derrick inspections for various types of rigs both onshore and offshore in accordance with API RP 4G.

Beyond industry standards

Our derrick inspections are performed in accordance with detailed checklists and clear criteria. These are based on the latest API requirements. Additionally, we use our extensive experience to provide an even better picture of the installation in terms of its structural integrity and connections in particular. We are always aiming to provide our clients with the best and most useful information possible. Results or complete reports can be made available individually or via a web-based system.

Quick and efficient

We always put our client’s interest first. That’s why we can provide custom derrick inspection scopes as well. Don’t need a full API 4G inspections but just a pass on the guide tracks or primary steel? Then we are glad to help you out. This also applies if other deviating requirements are needed to be part of the inspection scope or criteria.

Before we leave your installation we always provide preliminary information which includes the high-risk items. This way safety incidents or non-productive time can be avoided.

Besides the derrick inspection services, Wagenborg Foxdrill can also offer rig and equipment maintenance or rig repair and modifications, both onshore and offshore.

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