Wagenborg Foxdrill is a provider of Dropped Object Surveys to the oil and gas industry. Our customers include drilling contractors and operators, worldwide.


We perform all Dropped Object Surveys through a systematic approach. After the installation is inspected for (potential) dropped objects, you will be presented a practically applicable report. Areas that we typically cover on a full survey can include derrick /mast structure, substructure and derrick equipment and fixtures The scope can be expanded to include deck cranes and jack house & legs as well.

International DROPS standards

Wagenborg Foxdrill is DROPS.org member and uses its information as a standard for carrying out the dropped object survey and structure and deliverables regarding reporting.

Dropped object surveys can be combined with other surveys if desired to minimize the impact on drilling operations. In this case, careful selection of the team and specific planning are required to ensure that quality and contents of the deliverables meet client expectations on each scope element.

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