Being an expert in rig moves, Wagenborg Foxdrill has knowledge, systems and capability to offer rig move consultancy. With our expertise we support drilling contractors and operators in optimizing their rig moves. The focus lies on reducing rig move time and improving safety. Findings are bundled in a clear report supported by images where necessary to clarify situations. Improvement proposals to solve the findings are included as well.

Rig move manuals

An option in any rig move consultancy project is to create a rig move manual. This contains a detailed description of the rig move process, customized for every type of rig and based on field research during rig moves. Our aim is to provide with a comprehensive and practicable manual, therefore we use 3D lifting plans. These are particularly helpful in situations where language is a challenge. Additionally our rig move manuals contain specific task-by-task instructions also specifying which lifting equipment should be used and how.

Move the rig on paper sessions

During these sessions all parties involved in a rig move come together and discuss all project in detail. This creates a theoretical blueprint of the rig move and because of the direct simultaneous interaction clearly identifies possible bottlenecks. The outcome is recorded so that all learnings stay available long after the session itself is completed.

Rig move animations

To increase the competencies of drilling personnel, drilling contractors developed interactive training tools. Wagenborg Foxdrill rig move consultancy services supports this by creating complete animations of rig moves from 3D drawings.

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