Wagenborg Foxdrill offers professional, independent rig surveys on all types of onshore and offshore drilling rigs and work sites, such as mechanical surveys, electrical surveys, EX surveys, HSE surveys, compliance surveys and selection surveys.

Prevent downtime

Our rig surveys can be performed on a complete rig or limited to specific areas and equipment, such as well control, drilling equipment, mud system, but also the maintenance process. The results will offer you a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and operability of your equipment and systems. This way any potential problem areas can be highlighted in time, which when followed up properly helps to prevent expensive equipment downtime.


Along with our maintenance, inspection and repair services, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive insight in the compliance status of your equipment in relation to predetermined relevant codes of practice, regulations, manufacturers’ recommendations, industry standards and installation owner / operator specifications and requirements.

Specialisations and equipment

We can perform surveys in the following ​specialisations / areas: well control, Drilling Equipment, mud systems, power management, camp/accommodation, Health, Safety & Environment, Maintenance, Lifting & Hoisting equipment and Third party equipment

Wagenborg Foxdrill offers her rig surveys ​according IEC, DNV, ISO, API and client specific standards.

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