Wagenborg offers a complete service in the area of heavy transport and hoisting, including logistics assembly. We provide machinery moves and position process modules, skids and piping.  We offer you the opportunity to provide additional services to your client - delivery of the equipment on the foundation. In the factory hall, on the roof of the office premises, on top of the boiler in the power station or in the cellar of an installation room - Wagenborg will make it happen!

Lifting, skidding and jacking material

Wagenborg has various mobile hoists for lifting and the internal transport of heavy components. They are extremely suitable for use in difficult to reach places. There are countless lifting options and Wagenborg offers tailored solutions.

In order to move heavy components, such as transformers, ship's engines, modules etc in an economically and technically responsible way, Wagenborg has skidding and jacking equipment with a capacity of up to 1,600 tonnes. The systems offer the opportunity to move objects horizontally and vertically with relatively light equipment.

Competence and experience

Logistics assembly is a profession where experience and expertise are important. Wagenborg has a reputation to maintain when it comes to complicated assembly jobs. When others see limitations, our expert employees see solutions and that could make the difference to your project!

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