Many of our projects involve work at height to gain access to difficult locations. To ensure this is performed in the safest possible manor we use the IRATA rope access system. This system using two independently anchored ropes is a very versatile access method, which can also be applied in other areas or industries (such as inspection & maintenance in the renewables sector).

Safe and efficient

Rope access has significant advantages over other methods such as scaffolding, in terms of safety (exposure) and efficiency (limited impact on rig and operations). Any rope access project is assessed and planned carefully. We own a wide variety of rope access equipment to support a safe but flexible execution of any task at height.

IRATA Full member

Wagenborg Foxdrill believes in a thorough approach and therefore is IRATA full member since 2008.

IRATA membership for companies (certification) is considered the benchmark regarding this specialist work method and preferred by many major companies in different sectors. Membership includes strict & periodical audits by the IRATA organisation.

In addition , all our personnel are IRATA trained and have been for many years. They possess the right experience to work safe and efficient in any situation.

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