Wagenborg specialises in special transport by water, tug services and offshore services. With our experienced people, diverse fleet of pontoons and tugs, we have an answer for every logistics challenge. Anywhere in the world - 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Tug Waterstroom tows Wagenborg Barge 4
Tug Waterstroom tows Wagenborg Barge 4

Special transport by water

With our tugs up to 60 ton BP and pontoons with a deadweight of 20,000 DWT we have acquired an excellent international reputation in special transports. From bridge components to container cranes. From Eemshaven to Tenerife and Saint Martin. We are familiar with every load and every location. Tug activities mainly take place in the northern, western and southern European coastal waters, northwest Africa, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

In close consultation with you, our own engineers provide a project description. Always clear, complete and in accordance with our strict safety requirements. Our experienced engineers guarantee optimum implementation of your project. At Wagenborg we guarantee transport security for your precious cargo.

Port tug activities
Port tug activities

Port tug services

Wagenborg also provides assistance to arriving and departing vessels in the ports of Delfzijl, Eemshaven, in the roadstead areas of those ports and in the Dutch and German part of the Eems. They include multipurpose vessels, roro vessels, oil and chemicals tankers and container vessels.

Towing services in ice and shallow water

Wagenborg has excellent equipment for exceptional tug transports in extreme conditions, such as ice and shallow waters. Besides of their use in the Caspian Sea and the Don-Volga canal, our shallow draft tugs are extremely suitable for tug services on the Russian inland waterways.

These tugs are often used in the oil and gas industry for moving cargo pontoons between the drilling sites and the base. They are equipped with a crane, and therefore the tugs can also be used for anchor handling or maintaining beacons. We regularly use the tugs for assisting installation work on drilling platforms/objects.

Our ice-strengthened pontoons are cargo pontoons with the same ice strengthening as the ice-breaking supply vessels. They are designed for transporting various cargo, including cuttings, bore dust, bulk cargo, cement/barite, mud, drilling lubrication, oil-contaminated water and fuel. These unmanned cargo pontoons do not have their own propulsion, which makes them relatively light but with large deadweight.

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