Last years Wagenborg was awarded multiple contracts for the logistics of several gas pipe tracings, such as the Gasunie tracings, OPAL, NEL and UGS Bergermeer. After transporting tens of thousands of gas pipes, Wagenborg again was awarded another logistic project. This time Wagenborg was asked to offer a full package of logistic services to the main pipeline supplier for the NorgroN UGS Project. 

Project 'Norg+'

For over 15 years Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) stores natural gas in an undergound gas storage (UGS) in the cities of Norg and Grijpskerk in the north of The Netherlands. These supplies are necessary in case of harsh winter conditions when the Dutch consumer turns on their heatings. This increasing demand for gas can not be covered by the regular gas extraction from the small gas fields and large ‘Groningen gas field’. Because the USG Norg has to step in more often, NAM decided to expand their USG. This project, called Norg+, is up and running since the end of 2011.


NorgroN pipe line tracing

Over time the USG Norg will be more in action then before. A direct connection between the large ‘Groningen gas field’ and the USG Norg is necessary. The current pipe line, which connects this resevoir with the ‘Groningen gas field’ has too little capacity in the long run to handle peak demands. That is why NAM decided to install a new direct direction, called the ‘NorgroN pipe line’. 

The NorgroN gas pipe tracing, measuring 120cm in diameter, about 30km in length, will lay on an average depth of 1.5m. The entire project is expected to be finished during 2014 after which the new tracing can be put in action during the winter of 2014/2015.

Transhipment and storage

For the installation of the NorgroN pipe line tracing 1,781 pipelines, measuring 18m in length, 1.22m in diameter and weights varying from 7,500 to 9,750kg, were transported by two vessels from China to the Wagenborg Terminal in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. Discharging the vessels was done with port cranes, which loaded the gas pipes directly on a heavy duty trailer. These vehicles took the cargo to its temporary lay down area, prepared with a dedicated system for the storage of vulnerable isolated pipeline pieces: System 88. Specially designed vacuum crawler cranes loading and unloading the pas pipes on and off the heavy duty trailers.

Working with safety in mind

From the Wagenborg Terminal all pipes were transported along the pipe line route. On a daily basis three to four trailers transported pipes. Alongside the tracing a vacuum crawler crane discharged these trailers and positioned the gas pipes on their position. By the end of April 2013, all pipeline pieces were delivered by Wagenborg.  

The trucks drove along prepared and safe routes, avoiding villages and bike routes to ensure safety for all parties involved. As always, Wagenborg works in accordance with the highest safety standards and newest guidelines for load securing. The entire project was all about working with safety in mind, Wagenborg’s trademark.

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