On an offshore drilling and production location in Azerbaijan Wagenborg Foxdrill piled three wells under the water surface measuring a total depth of about 300m.

The water depth was 130m; de wells are piled 170m into the soil. For this pile driving operation we used our IHC S-150 hydraulic hammers in combination with P-460 Power packs, which are stationed permanently in Baku. These sets have a maximum piling capacity of 150 kN and are controlled by Wagenborg employees per crew. The conductor pipes, which had to be piled, measured 30" in diameter, 12m in length and are equipped with shackles to weld the pipes easily to each other. Totally about 25 pipes needed to be piled per well. The time needed to reach the desired piling depth lies between the 36 and 48 hours. All crews followed the necessary safety and technical training, which contributed to a successful project.

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