Mid 2013, Wagenborg received the order  to perform the transport and installation of eight pieces of crystallizers and other equipment for the NextGenSulfa plant at the DSM site at Chemelot in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands. The big units had different sizes, varying in length from 18.7 to 19.5 meters and in weight from 55 tonnes to 62 tonnes. Each crystallizer had a diameter of nearly 8 meters. 

In November 2013, the first part of this project took place when all crystallizers were transported from the manufacturer in Genk (Belgium) to the port of Urmond, the Netherlands. After transhipment of these huge units all crystallizers were transported to a temporary storage at the Chemelot site where they had to wait until their foundations were ready for installation. That moment has come recently.

On paper it seemed an easy job for the Wagenborg crew to transport the crystallizers from the storage yard up to their foundations at project site. However,  they had to face many challenges. It was essential to tune the on-site transport and lifting activities to each other to achieve an optimal project execution and prevent equipment and people to wait unnecessarily. To ensure this, two sets of 10-axle modular hydraulic trailers were put into action.

These modular trailers have the ability to transport special cargo with exceptional dimensions and weights and were perfectly suitable for this transport. The trailers had to follow a transport route of about 2km to reach the final destination where a 750 tons mobile crane was mobilized to lift the crystallizers onto their final position.  

Although the transport route of 2 km is not that long, many challenges laid ahead. The transport had to pass an electricity grid, several rail tracks, a passage with a slope of 10% and a pipe bridge where the crystallizers were not able to be driven underneath because of the transport height. To successfully pass the transport route many other parties were involved: in cooperation with network operator Fudura, overhead lines were shut down temporarily each time the transport passed underneath. Also the operators of the rail tracks were informed about this special transport. To pass the pipe bridge two mobile cranes of 400 tons and 350 tons assisted by lifting the crystallizers over the pipe bridge. At the end of the route the trailers delivered the crystallizers under the hook of a 750 tons mobile crane. This crane, assisted by a 160 tons tailing crane, finally installed the huge objects into onto their foundations.

Once again, the Wagenborg crew received appreciation and compliments from the client, who stated: ‘a perfectly prepared job that was performed professional and safe by your skilled crew’. 

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