Last years Wagenborg was awarded multiple contracts for the logistics of the gas pipeline pieces for the NorgroN UGS Project (see insert). Together with Wagenborg Stevedoring and Wagenborg Agencies, we were able to offer a full package of logistic services to the main pipeline supplier for  the projects.

NEL - Nord-Europäische Erdgasleitung (2010)

After over a year of hard work, the last gas pipe of the 302 kilometer long "Nord-europäische Erdgasleitung", short NEL, was delivered to the construction site. The route of the pipeline runs from Lubmin (near Greifswald) to Rehden in Germany. The entire project was a logistical achievement with an important role for Wagenborg. In ​​this project we took care for the logistics of the pipes from the train stations to the construction sites along the entire path. Daily 26 trainloads arrived with 78 tubes. The challenge was to unload this in one day and transport them immediately to the various construction sites. A tube of 1.40 meters in diameter and 18 meters in length was transported by truck. And all within the demanded 10 hours. Over different distances, sometimes through difficult accessible routes and in different conditions. The project managers and truck drivers of Wagenborg have shown us their craftmanship during this project. The delivery of the 235 wagon loads with a total of 17,032 (!) pipes was  proceeding on schedule. 52000 man-hours work, 1.2 million transport miles. Accident free and compliments of the customer. That's top logistics!

OPAL - Ostsee Pipeline Anbindungs Leitung (2011)

A similar logistical project was delivered by Wagenborg for the OPAL project. The 'Ostsee Pipeline Anbindungs ​​Anleitung' runs from Greifswald to Olbernhau (Dresen region) in Germany. 26,908 tubes had to be delivered over eighteen months on this route. With around 340 days this meant that every hour 10 trucks with each a gas pipe had to be unloaded. Again a big challenge, but also this project was delivered with a good result by Wagenborg.

NorgroN gasleiding (2013)

Dutch NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.) is constructing a new natural gas pipeline between the Groningen gas field and the undergroudn storage facility in Norg (20 km south of Groningen city). During harsh winter conditions, the demand for natural gas strongly increases. To support the gas supply from the Groningen gas field in these circumstances, extra gas is provided from the Norg UGS facility. In order to meet future natural gas demands, the Norg UGS facility will be extended. As a result, a new gas supply pipeline of 30 kilometers has to be constructed.

The total pipe track consists of 1781 pipelines of different sizes and diameters which were transported with two large seagoing vessels from the production yard in China to the Wagenborg Stevedoring Terminal in Delfzijl, NL. Offloading was done with the port cranes, equipped with special tools for the handling of the precious cargo. Heavy duty vehicles took the cargo to its temporary lay down area, already prepared with the System 88 pipeline storage system, a dedicated system for the storage of vulnerable isolated pipeline pieces.

By the end of April 2013, all 1781 pipeline pieces were delivered just-in-time along the new pipe line route by Wagenborg. During 15-20 weeks, daily traffic will take place to arrange this. Transport will take place along prepared and safe routes, avoiding villages and bike routes to ensure safety for all parties involved. For these transports, Wagenborg Nedlift works in accordance with the highest safety standards and newest guidelines for load securing.

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