“Reduce construction time on site to the minimum”. With this sentence the initial discussion was started in 2009. How to transport a 60 meter vent stack from the client’s workshop to the new power plant in Germany?

In the past several large columns had been transported by Wagenborg from the manufacturer to various locations. This time the project concerned a more fragile chimney instead of a massive reactor. Two
main components could be transported. The characteristics of these components are:
- Vent Stack lower section 42.750 x 7.650 x 7.650 mm = 140 Tons
- Vent Stack upper section 24.200 x 7.600 x 7.600 mm = 60 Tons

On Sunday 16 October 2011 the two Vent Stack sections were transported from the clients workshop in Flechum, Germany, to the nearest inland port in Meppen. The shortest distance between these two villages is 22 kilometres, but due to the exceptional dimensions the transport had to make a detour of almost 60 kilometres. The complete transport route from Flechum to Meppen was prepared for these giants. In an earlier stage, prior to the transport, approximately 40 kilometres of tree pruning was necessary. With the transport three high-voltage cables had to be switched off and 10 telephone cables
had to be removed. During the transport a crew of eight mechanics of Wagenborg were in action on the transport route to remove road signs, turn traffic lights, spread out steel plates and of course restore
everything in its original situation. After a drive of 8 hours the transport arrived safely at the inland port of Meppen.

From Meppen to Delfzijl (Netherlands) the two sections were transported by two inland vessels. At the Wagenborg Terminal in Delfzijl two 400 Tons mobile cranes were put on to perform the transhipment of the
vent stack into a seagoing vessel. For this sea freight Wagenborg had positioned one of its own 6000 DWT multipurpose dry cargo carriers. Together with the two sections, the transport equipment for the on-carriage in Finland was also loaded into the hold of the vessel. After lashing and securing of the cargo Mv “Cathy Jo” could sail to Olkiluoto, Finland. At the jetty of the OL3 Power Plant in Olkiluoto, the two vent stack sections were lifted from the seagoing vessel onto supports on the jetty. The sections were transported one by one from the jetty to the construction site with SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular  Transporters). For the offloading, tailing and positioning a 600 Tons crawler crane and a 500 Tons mobile crane had been rigged directly in front of the main building of the power plant and lifting works were finished right on

A smooth operation, for which we received a nice message from our customer: “It was a pleasure working with the Wagenborg team and we look forward to do future projects with you!” Of course, we can agree with this. In next editions of Times, we will surely report again about special projects for this special client.

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