Wagenborg is an international shipping company that operates a modern fleet of 180 vessels to offer logistic solutions to international, exporting industries. Although Wagenborg can be found on all seven seas, our main operating areas are Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. A journey to the Australian continent does not occur regularly. Until now….

Recently the m.v. Jan van Gent, one of our 12.000 DWT multipurpose vessels set direction to Australia, which we consider as a special happening. Loaded with 8.000 tons of fertilizers, the m.v. Jan van Gent left Uddevalla (Sweden) mid-February for destination Port Alma, Australia.

First the m.v. Jan van Gent crossed the Atlantic and set direction to the Panama Canal. After a smooth trip of 18 days the vessel left the Panama Canal early March and subsequently enters the South Pacific Ocean where she has to sail for approximately another 24 days. The m.v. Jan van Gent was expected to arrive at Port Alma mid-April. But thing went slightly different as the vessel's journey continued.

During the vessel’s passage in the Pacific Ocean, and passing the Cook Islands this morning, the vessel has been requested to deliver her cargo not on the East Coast Australia, but now on the West Coast Australia. This meaning when the “Jan van Gent” finally reaches her destination, she has travelled 14.961 miles or almost 50 days at sea with just one single cargo on board. This may be a new record in our company for a single voyage, as the routing of the vessel goes against normal logic.

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