Wagenborg Foxdrill is active all around the world. This once proved to be true recently when Wagenborg was asked to build a new rig in New Zealand and to write a ‘rig up plan’ for this rig.

The new rig had to be erected in the Mangahewa field on a 20 minutes drive from New Plymouth, Auckland New Zealand. When de Wagenborg crew arrived on this location, all rig parts were already moved into the right position including the bridge parts. It was up to the Wagenborg crew to guide the erection of the rest of this rig. Wagenborg was asked to educate the crew of MB Century in building the Euro Rig 9. The main focus was on the substructure and mast of the rig.

The employees of MB Century were very eager to get familiar with the safety standards and working methods of Wagenborg. During the entire rig up the crews of Wagenborg and MB Century were communicating constantly to ensure a proper project execution. After a thorough toolbox meeting the drawworks, the heaviest part of the rig weighing 57 tons, was lifted on the drilling floor. After this Wagenborg finished the drilling floor. Next the A-frame had to be installed. The A-frame is the lower part of the mast and needs a thorough and thoughtful installation method. This is where the knowledge of the Wagenborg crew came in handy.  

Installation of the A-frame, weighing 41 tons, was executed with two mobile cranes after which the top section could be installed. Subsequently, the other mast parts were pushed up and secured by means of a hydraulic cylinder. After the mast was mounted, the hydraulic cylinder was able to be removed from the drilling table. This was done by the insertion of the cylinder. After a Wagenborg crew member was asked to retract the cylinder, the rig began to shake. Initially the Wagenborg crew thought this was caused by the insertion of the cylinder, since vibrations are common when retracting the cylinder. However, this was not the case, because the cylinder had not yet been retracted. It turned out that an earthquake of almost 7 on the Richter scale was the reason of this!

Activities continued by installing the top drive, the crown block and platforms after which the Euro Rig 9 has been completely build. Thanks to the great cooperation with MB Century the project was executed successfully to the full satisfaction of our customer.

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