Recently Wagenborg Nedlift transported two shipments of totally six tanks from the German Haren to Burghausen in the south of Germany. The tanks, measuring 45 meters in length, 6 meters in height and 6.5 meters in width, each weigh 145 tons. Wagenborg took care of the entire transport: from the manufacturers site in Haren upon installation on a sand bed at the refinery in Burghausen. Because of our experience, knowledge and equipment this project was grist to Wagenborg's mill.

The first shipment of two tanks was transported September last year. Recently the second shipment of 4 tanks was transported. Both transports started in Haren where the tanks were driven under the hook of a mobile crane by means of SPMT’s. On the quay of the inland port of Haren two 500 tons mobile cranes lifted the tanks into inland vessels, after which the vessels left for Passau.

Upon arrival in Passau transshipment of the tanks on two 10-axle dolly combinations took place by means of two 400 tons mobile cranes. At this point the biggest challenge of the project could start, since the transport by road from Passau to Burghausen was about 120 km!

Earlier a route survey was executed to examine the possibilities of transporting the tanks with their huge dimensions.  The strength of bridges was calculated and trees needed to be tripped along the entire route. During the transport many power lines needed to be shut down and pushed up because of the height of the transport, which measured 8 meters.

When all tanks were transported to Burghausen the unloading and installation of these tanks could begin. In a period of two weeks all units were installed in a sand bed with the help of mobile cranes. The entire project was successfully closed within the deadline as agreed before to full satisfaction of our customer. The Wagenborg crew can look back on a great project!

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