After transporting several container cranes and STS cranes in the past Wagenborg has proven to be a specialist in transporting such cranes.

Recently another project of this kind was carried out. A container crane, weighing 800 tonnes, had to be transported from the Eurogate Terminal in Hamburg to Świnoujście in Poland. A typical Wagenborg job where the tug Waterstroom and Wagenborg Barge 5 were put into action. Since the port of Hamburg is tidal, Wagenborg had to use additional pump capacity. Because the container crane would not be positioned in the centre of the pontoon, a pre ballast operation was essential in Hamburg. After this was done, all skidding slides could be positioned on the pontoon. Loading the container crane on the pontoon was executed with great precision and craftsmanship as soon as the tide was right. The skidding operation was successful, also because of the well prepared ballast operation and tight cooperation with the skidding crew. After the container crane was positioned on the pontoon, it could be secured for sea transport after which the Waterstroom started her journey to Poland.

After a smooth trip, the pontoon was ballasted to the right height upon arrival. Within an hour the container crane was skidded from the pontoon. After positioning the crane on rails on the quay side the journey back to Eemshaven could start.

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