A while ago Wagenborg assisted during the instalment of a tube from Rozenburg, below the ´Nieuwe Waterweg´, via Vlaardingen and Schiedam to Rotterdam. This tube, measuring 960 meters in length and 90 centimetres in diameter, has a weight of 533 tons and was lifted by eight mobile cranes.

A couple of weeks later, Wagenborg was asked to perform a similar lifting job. This time the lifting operation concerned a gas tube measures about 1,500 meters and weighs about 100 tons. This tube will connect Wijngaarden and Beverwijk.

During this operation the entire tube was positioned on conductors while four mobile cranes of Wagenborg kept the tube in the right angle. With 2 x 130 tons, 1 x 120 tons and 1 x 95 tons cranes the tube was conducted under ground in the right angle.

The entire operation went according schedule, without any nuisance to the surroundings.

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