For over 15 years Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) stores natural gas in an underground gas storage (UGS) in the cities of Norg and Grijpskerk in the north of The Netherlands. These supplies are necessary in case of harsh winter conditions when the Dutch consumer turns on their heatings. This increasing demand for gas cannot be covered by the regular gas extraction from the small gas fields and the large ‘Groningen gas field’. Because the UGS Norg has to step in more often, NAM decided to expand their UGS and double its capacity. This expansion is being realized by GLTPlus, a consortium of the companies Stork, Jacobs, SITNL, Yokogawa and Siemens. This expansion project, called Norg+, has been up and running since the end of 2011.

Over 20 red crane booms give away the hard work that is being delivered at the moment at the Norg UGS location. Last summer, this project reached her peak because the UGS needs to be operational before the upcoming winter period. During summer, the complete location was shut down to complete all activities before the deadline. From the wells, were the gas is injected and extracted up to the metering station, were the gas leaves the location into the network of pipes leading to the consumers.

Wagenborg was awarded the complete logistic service, from providing cranes and trucks until storage and logistic project management for the shutdown project. During peak time no less the 22 Wagenborg cranes were on site to offload the many trucks and to assist during construction activities. 

Earlier, Wagenborg already placed new compressors including equipment, coolers, adsorbers and various vessels using our large cranes, among which our 750 tons crawler crane. Nedlift has also, together with sister Wagenborg Foxdrill, moved and built  the rig T700 to and from the location twice to drill two new wells. Furthermore, Nedlift put cranes of all capacities into action to assist installing large modules, a large numbers of concrete piles and foundations, piping and valves.

Taking the extensive scope into account, Wagenborg assigned a full time project manager to this project. Besides this, together with NAM and GLTPlus, we introduced the PIC ( Person In Charge) concept. The PIC is the focus for all lifting activities. This way, all lifting activities are approved and monitored, which results in increasing efficiency on equipment utilization, work preparation and most important; the on-site safety level. To maintain overview concerning all activities during the peak period, 3 PIC were deployed by Wagenborg. Toolbox meetings and kick off meetings are being held on a daily basis with primary goal: Zero incidents. Last but not least, Wagenborg frequently put mobile tower cranes into action to prevent unnecessary mobilizations resulting in delays.

Up to now all activities have been conducted successfully due to the cooperation with our client, other contractors on site and all efforts of our people. 

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