After Amstelborg, Arneborg, Amazoneborg, Asiaborg, Americaborg, Australiaborg and Africaborg, this vessel Atlanticborg is number eight in the series 1A ice strengthened multi purpose vessels of 17.300 ton DWT the Chinese yard is building for us.

General information:

length over all: 143,00 meter
length in between perpendiculars: 132,00 meter
width: 21,50 meter
hold: 13,30 meter
main engine: Wärtsilä 8L46B with a service speed of 17 miles

With captain Hans Poot in charge, the Atlanticborg started her first journey on March 7th. The vessel headed for Nantong to take in hulls and hatches for Rotterdam, Warnemünde and Rostock.

Atlanticborg deliveredAtlanticborg delivered

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