IHC IQIP supplies innovative equipment and smart solutions for foundation, installation and decommissioning in the oil & gas, offshore wind and coastal & civil market. Royal Wagenborg is the preferred partner for the mobilization of these giants. The cooperation between Royal Wagenborg and IHC extends beyond the usual. IHC IQIP B.V. regularly uses the worldwide logistic services of Royal Wagenborg for transporting its heavy piling hammers. 

Recently Wagenborg was awarded another logistic challenge: transporting a hydraulic pile driving hammer S-3000, sleeve and additional materials from the production sites in Kinderdijk and Sliedrecht to Flushing, The Netherlands. The hammer and sleeve, together weighing 540 tonnes, measuring 25 meters in height and 6,6 meters in diameter, had to be transported in a vertical position, which was quite a challenge. 

By means of a 13-axle modular trailer and a 7-axle lowloader the heavy parts were transported to the nearby quayside. Here the floating cranes Matador 3 and Matador 2 lifted the precious cargo on a pontoon, measuring 60m in length and 14,5m in width. Besides these heavy parts Wagenborg also took care of loading additional equipment, such as 3 power packs, some containers, UET, TLPT and lots of hoses, with the help of several mobile cranes varying from 130 – 400 tonnes lifting capacity. After completion of the entire loading operations, the pontoon was towed to the final destination in Flushing by the Wagenborg tugs Waterlelie and Waterpoort. 

This project turns out to be another great example of the full service logistic possibilities of Royal Wagenborg. Executed safe and according plan by Wagenborg’s committed people and state of the art equipment

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